Apr 20

Handling the Money Aspect of a Renovation


When you think about renovation one thinks about finances.  Over the next 6-12 months, many of you will be looking at a home renovation.  Now is the perfect time to start planning, prioritizing and tightening your belt!  A number of years back, when my late husband and I were getting ready for what would be …

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Apr 13

Gardens – Where Life Happens!

front yard garden Detje

  “A garden is where life happens. It’s a place were you learn to walk. Gardens teach us patience.  They force us to slow down & smell the roses. We grow and learn from our mistakes. When we think that we finally get an understanding of them we begin to put down roots. Gardens will …

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Apr 06

Yard Renovation Takes Time – Slow but Steady!


Have you ever gotten into a home or yard renovation mood that took forever, or so it seemed?  Well, that is what we are going through right now here at Parga’s Junkyard!   When I first moved to New Mexico and bought this home I was full of idea’s and all that mattered were the …

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Apr 04

Movie Review – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

captain america 1

The wait is finally over! Marvel’s CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER opens today in theatres everywhere!   Review written by Snakedoctor A few years ago Marvel Studios released Captain America: The First Avenger.  It received mixed reviews, but was still a box office success.  Chris Evans admirably brought Captain Steve Rogers to life, even though the story …

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Jan 07

Resolution 2014…This will be the year, finally!

target weight

I know some of you are like me and every year make that same old resolution, “This is the year I am gonna lose that baby fat”! LOL…well, I am determined that THIS IS gonna be the year those pregnancy pounds finally come off!  Even if those pregnancy pounds ARE over 20 years old I …

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Dec 11

Two Girls and a Fork Restaurant Review – Artichoke Cafe

Tonight we had the pleasure of eating dinner at the Artichoke Cafe in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Now I am normally a jeans and tank top kind of gal but when given the opportunity to dress up for a fancy dinner out on the town,this is the place to go, “Where Artisan Cocktails Meet Creative Cuisine”! Our …

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Dec 08

Biscochitos, A New Mexican Tradition

“I know I have tasted this before!”  I was making a batch of what I thought of as something new. “Biscochito’s!!!” Until that moment had not remembered ever tasting anything with a name like “Biscochito”!  While licking my fingers (yes, I know I shouldn’t but they were really good), I realized I had had these before! …

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Nov 27

Pumpkin Crumble Muffins for Thanksgiving Breakfast! (Recipe included)

crispy pumpkin muffins

Do you do anything special for your Thanksgiving morning breakfast?  This year my son decided he wanted to and found this awesome recipe in which he could use some of the pumpkin we had canned from the garden he grew this past summer.  The blog we found this on is one that specifically specializes in …

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Nov 27

FROZEN – A Walt Disney Movie Review


 Movie Review by SnakeDoctorSo before I get into the meat of my review, I have to say this. I really liked Disney’s Frozen as an animated feature that the whole family can enjoy. That being said, there are quite a few things that are definitely drawbacks for me. Maybe I’m just too old. Maybe it’s …

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Oct 18

The Fifth Estate – Junkyard Movie Review

fifth estate

The Fifth Estate.  What does that phrase mean in today’s constantly changing world? Over the last century the Fourth Estate, that of reporters and journalists was how the world got it’s information.   How has the information we see on the news and read on the internet in today’s world changed that Fourth Estate into a newly emerging …

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