Jul 05

Under the Bed Storage Ideas

DIY underbed storage plan

Who doesn’t need more storage?  I never seem to have enough, not even when I lived in a home with 3000 square feet! One of the oldest and  quickest places to find more storage is under the bed! It’s not a new idea, but it is a good one!  I looked around and found some clever ideas, …

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Jun 29

Inexpensive Home Decorating Tips

headboard #2 002

It doesn’t take much to upgrade the look of any area in your home, you can do it with just a little cash and a bit of imagination and occasionally some ingenuity.  Try one or two of these fun, realistic Inexpensive Home Decorating Tips to brighten your home in not time flat!   1. Take a mattress …

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Jun 15

Idea’s for Your Backyard – Pretty AND Practical!

water fountain

Are you looking for some new idea’s for your backyard? Every day I try to post a bunch of new idea’s for your home and garden on our facebook site that I have found, either via Pinterest or elsewhere on the internet. Let’s face it, alot of idea’s are just not practical for you or I!  But occasionally …

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Jun 08

Whiskey Barrel Love – Idea’s on How to Repurpose Whiskey and/or Wine Barrels

flower pot

Everyone loves Whiskey and Wine Barrels! Once a fixture in a Tennessee distillery, now an extraordinary furniture piece for your home, re-purposed aged-oak Whiskey and/or Wine barrels only require a bit of ingenuity to turn them into fabulous pieces for your home and yard.   If you have woodworking experience you might create a living …

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Jun 01

Summer Fresh Idea’s for Your Home

summer linen

I love Summertime!   Summer always brings with it the promise of change. And usually as summertime hits I begin to get the itch.  You know what I mean, that desire, and need to create, renovate or redecorate!  Nature itself is full of inspiration during the summer to give your home interior a more cheerful look.  From the …

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May 30

Movie Review – Maleficent


  “Maleficent,” the untold story of Disney’s most iconic villain from the classic “Sleeping Beauty,” reveals the events that hardened Maleficent’s heart and drove her to curse the baby, Aurora, only to later realize that the child may hold the key to peace in the land.   Jessie’s Review             …

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May 25

Design a Great Backyard in 9 Easy Steps!

candles in jars

This is the time of year our minds turn towards entertaining family and friends outdoors.  I love spending time in my backyard and sharing it with others.  But how to design a great backyard, one that is all yours, can be a challenging task!   I found a few unique, effective and affordable ways to help design the decor …

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May 18

What Else Can I Decorate Walls With?

pots and pans

Have you ever been at odd’s as to what to hang on your walls?  How to share something other than run of the mill everyday pictures?  I mean, most pictures are nice….and I like to see my family photo’s but I also love the unusual, those things not found in every home.  I like individuality …

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May 11

Recycle Those Old Windows! A Dozen Unique Ideas!

small greenhouse

A bit ago we had one of our readers ask us for idea’s for what to do with some old window’s.  After a bit of research I came up with a list of 12 different and varied idea’s to help get you inspired to repurpose old salvage windows  from your garage into homemade decorations for your …

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May 04

Recycled Furniture – Do It Yourself! 7 Awesome Ideas!


I am always looking for idea’s…idea’s for blog posts, idea’s to share on Facebook, idea’s for decorating my home with, idea’s for my garden, oh…so many idea’s!  While looking through pinterest today I came upon 7 absolutely awesome do it yourself idea’s that I wanted to share with you all!  There’s one for every day …

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