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Walk, Run or Stomp Along!

When it comes to ratings, normally the higher the better, right? Well, if you’re a blog or website owner you know that when it comes to Alexa, the closer to number 1 you are, the better.

How many of you would love to improve your Alexa rating? I know I sure would. Well you can and it’s really simple… just jump on the Junkyard blog hop and watch as your numbers go down… down…. down.

I will be leaving the linky for this “walk, run or stomp along” up  so don’t forget to stop by, add your blog, and do a little walking, running or even stomping on the linky “track” to share the love.  It will be up to you to delete and update your own blog links!!!  I am just way too busy these days to keep track of everyone elses links and know you all are too!


Fill in your blog name and url in the linky below!

Install the FREE Alexa toolbar (extension) — this is a MUST in order to participate

Visit other blogs listed including Parga’s Junkyard (please make sure the blog page has fully loaded before leaving) this is a MUST! — Sharing is caring !  If WE help you, YOU should help us!  If you are unable to visit every blog, at least visit the 5 listed above your blog and the 5 listed below yours (if, when you jog on, there are not 10 others listed, save this page and come back later)

The reason you should make an attempt to visit at least the blogs above and below yours is because it’s much more fair to those that are added later on. This way their blog will be visited too. If time allows, leave a nice comment for each blogger. Share the love!

By the way, in order to build this hop and make it grow big and work for everyone (giving you more traffic), we’ll need you to pass this info along so feel free to post about it (including a link back to this post) on your blog, and social media accounts. Your other bloggy friends may want to hop on board too.

Here is the link to grab the linky code if you want to add this “Walk, Run, or Stomp Along” to your page:

get the InLinkz code

WHY INSTALL THE ALEXA TOOLBAR EXTENSION? It helps Alexa gather important information about the web and this is how they base your ranking. It also allows you to instantly see how you rate, as well as every other site you visit. You’ll love it!

Ready? Walk, Run or Stomp along with me and let’s get our ratings down. Hippity Hop!!!



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  2. Melissa Moreno

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