Nov 25

The Three Gifts by Daris Howard – Book Review

Three young boys sit at the table with their lawyer in front of the judge, not knowing that the judgement about to be placed upon them will change all of their lives.  The book “The Three Gifts” by Daris Howard brings 3 teen boys who ‘thought’ they had just been ‘having a little fun’  on Halloween night face to face with the 2 young children who’s candy they had stolen.  Justin, Tom and Sam are sentanced to 8 weeks of volunteer work at a local womans crisis center where Emily and her younger brother spend time while their Mother is at work.  Over the 8 week time period the boys learn just how much they have in their lives to be thankful for as they get to know these 2 young children and their mother, Mary.  By the end of the book all 3 boys slowly realize that these kids, who’s father has left and mother must work overtime just to pay rent on a studio apartment in the bad area of town, are the same children they played their “grab and run” Halloween prank on.  Overcome with remorse all 3 boys spend extra time, money, etc… trying to ‘pay back’ for their actions.  By the end of the book the connection they forge with Emily (the real star of the book), Timmy and Mary goes beyond that of mere friendship to a deep love as well as respect for all.  

This book, The Three Gifts by Daris Howard, would make an awesome  Hallmark or ABC family style movie!  The uplifting story line about how one person can make a difference in anothers life is definitely inspiring.  This book is a short novel, a fast read with good values.  I recommend this for the holiday selection for book clubs as well as for gifts to people who need to feel the real spirit of the holidays.  The Three Gifts is a heartwarming look at what “giving” really means. -Very worth your time during a busy holiday season.


About the Author:  

Daris Howard, Author of The Three Gifts, grew up on a farm in rural Idaho.  Daris and his wife, Donna, have ten children and were foster parents for several years. Daris is now a math professor and his classes are well known for the stories he tells to liven up discussion and to help bring across the points he is trying to teach. His plays, musicals, and books build on the characters of those he has associated with, along with his many experiences. Daris writes a popular weekly newspaper column called “Life’s Outtakes” that are short stories from his life and the lives of those he has known. Mr. Howard’s scripts and books are much like his stories, full of humor and real life experiences.     He has had his plays translated into German and French and performed in many countries around the world, some having won awards including the National Theatre Co-op Award, the Deseret Dramatic Award, semifinalist in the Moondance Film and Theatre Festival, and his book, The Three Gifts, has won the Editor’s Choice Award.

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