Apple’s second-gen AR/MR headset rumor: bonkers 4000PPI display

Apple will change the world with its first-gen AR/MR (augmented or mixed reality) headset, with all signs pointing to the second-gen MR headset boasting a possible 4000 PPI display.


In a new report from Patently Apple, Sony will be providing Apple with its Micro-OLED displays for their first-gen MR headset, meanwhile, LG Display will provide higher-resolution Micro-OLED panels for the second-gen Apple MR headset. Patently Apple added: “We learned this week that LG will be using ultra high-resolution fine metal mask (FMM) from AP Systems”.

“It was rumored in September 2021 that Apple requested FMM sample from AP Systems (APS Holdings) for use with the mixed reality headset. Apple had requested a resolution of 3000ppi (pixels per inch). Apple tested the FMM sample to see if it could be applied to production, then form a more concrete plant for the VR device’s development”.

South Korean company AP Systems will provide LG with the necessary ultra high-resolution fine metal mask (FMM), with rumors flying that back in September 2021 that Apple requested FMM samples from AP Systems for use in its new mixed reality (MR) headset.

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Patently Apple reports that earlier in 2021, APS Holdings (the parent company of AP Systems) was chosen by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy to make a new Micro-OLED display technology that would have high luminance and high-resolution AR application. The site added: “The national project’s aim is to develop an AR glass with 4000ppi resolution by 2024“.

The site notes that Apple is “expected to use Sony’s MicroOLED panel for the screen on its first MR device while the outer screen, or an ‘indicator’, which will be a regular OLED panel, will be provided by LG Display. Apple’s new device is expected to launch during the first half of next year”.


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