Australian Jack Miller finishes third in the MotoGP then goes out of his way to hand a fan his gloves

Australian Jack Miller has survived scorching conditions to claim third in the German MotoGP, before providing an unforgettable moment for a fan in the crowd.

Reigning world champion Fabio Quartararo extended his lead in the overall standings by finishing first, while fellow Frenchman Johann Zarco finished second and Miller rounded out the podium.


But it was moment after the race that left fans and commentators praising the Queenslander.

Before the race started a fan was shown in the crowd with a poster that read “Jack, wanna exchange gloves for a t-shirt?”

Miller was then filmed in the pits smiling at the camera and waving a glove.

After the race had finished, Miller continued around to where the fan was sitting, and went off circuit to deliver his gloves to the appreciative spectator. And it happened after a gruelling race.

“It was probably one of the hardest races physically I’ve ever done,” Miller said.

Quartararo said he also battled through the race as he claimed back-to-back MotoGP wins after success at Catalan.

“I’m tired, I was sick most of the weekend and was coughing during the race, but I am super happy,” he said.

“I am not thinking of the championship.

“I am here to win as many races as possible, maybe by the time it comes to Japan and Thailand (in September and October), I will think about the title itself.”



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