Big W’s price hike infuriates shoppers

Angry customers have blasted Big W over a significant layby price hike, being caught unawares by the massive hike during their last shop.

Angry shoppers have blasted BIG W over a significant layby price hike, which the company has blamed on the pandemic.

The retail giant previously charged customers a $5 non-refundable service fee for lay-bys but tripled that rate to $15 in June.

Lay-by cancellation fees were also increased from $12 to $20.

Frustrated customers went to the company’s Facebook page to slam the business over the price rise after being caught unawares during their last shop.

“Rather than make your staff tell every customer that there was an increase to $15.00 for lay-by fees, maybe you could put a post on here,” one woman wrote on BIG W’s official Facebook page.

“Don’t pass the buck to employees, it’s poor business practice and disrespectful to your staff. Take responsibility and put up a post.”

A post on BIG W Mums Australia Facebook group earlier this month, which detailed the changes, also attracted hundreds of comments from mothers voicing their frustration.

“Holy shomoses that’s ludicrous, I definitely won’t be making any lay-bys,” one wrote.

“That’s bloody ridiculous. I’ll be thinking twice about doing a lay-by now. Might just put money aside and do a big shop when another decent sale comes on,” another commented.

Big W blamed Covid complications and the rising cost of its items as the reason behind the fee tripling in recent weeks.

“While we try our best to avoid any increase in administration and cancellation fees, this has come into effect due to an increase in the costs of managing and storing goods for lay-by, as well as a rise in the number of orders that are later cancelled,” a BIG W spokesperson said.

“Ahead of Toy Mania commencing, we advised customers on our website as well as added signage at the service desk.

“For those looking for alternatives to lay-by, we offer buy now, pay later options including Afterpay and Zip Pay.“

Big W has been contacted for comment.


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