Brent Kite: League star changes tune at Queanbeyan Local Court

Rugby league star Brent Kite went on a bizarre rant during a previous court appearance after a run-in with police, but changed his tune in Queanbeyan Local Court on Tuesday. Find out what happened.

Former Rugby League star Brent Kite changed his tune during a hearing at Queanbeyan Local Court on Tuesday.

The former Penrith, Manly and St George prop faced charges of driving unregistered, driving uninsured, failing to show his licence, and hindering police relating to an incident in February.

When Kite first fronted Queanbeyan Court on February 28, he pleaded not guilty to all charges and launched into a bizarre rant.

He told Magistrate Rodger Clisdell he had “no authority” over him and demanded to face trial with a jury and two magistrates; a request to which Magistrate Clisdell responded “I can cut myself in half if it helps”.

However on Tuesday Kite, clad in fluoro orange workwear, was considerably calmer at court.

Representing himself in court he asked Mr Clisdell questions about the maximum penalties of the charges against him before considering his plea.

After being told the charge of hindering police came with a maximum penalty of 12 months imprisonment, while the other charges were fine only offences, he told the court he considered it best to expedite the matters by pleading guilty to all charges.

Kite told the court he was having a rough day when the incident occurred, citing “moving away from his boys” and having the kind of hard day at work which “makes you question your choices”.

He told the Magistrate he hoped to get back to work after dealing with the court matters and apologized for his informal workwear attire.

“I’ve given the boys a bit of a hard time,” Kite said in regards to his behavior towards police.

“I didn’t mean to offend you,” he said to Mr Clisdell.

“You were a bit worked up the last time,” Mr Clisdell replied.

“I don’t hold grudges.”

The agreed Statement of Facts state on February 9 at 4.24pm Queanbeyan Police Officers were conducting randomized registration checks and found Kite driving an unregistered car.

Kite pulled over at Lowe Street, Queanbeyan and officers told him his car was not registered.

“Is that the law?” Mr Kite replied.

Police asked Kite to wind down his window for a breath test but he refused.

Police turned on their body cameras and told Kite he was being recorded.

Kite asked police “Why have you pulled me over” and police again explained he had an unregistered vehicle.

Police asked Kite to show a license and first he did not respond, then he said “If I have committed an offense arrest me then”.

Kite continued to argue with police for 14 minutes before police used force to gain entry into the car.

The rugby league star was arrested and sent to the Queanbeyan Police Station.

Convictions were recorded for all four charges.

Clisdell ultimately fined Kite a total of $500 with 28 days to pay; $200 for hindering police and $100 each for the three other charges.


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