Coutts blockade grit lives on at local rodeo

It doesn’t get much more Albertan than a small-town rodeo. Getting mother feet away from the mud-slinging action really is something to experience. I don’t think anyone can truly grasp just how tough a cowboy is until they’ve seen rodeo up close. A quintessentially Albertan grit and determination is truly on display when you see a cowboy getting bucked off a lumbering bull and tossed into the mud in dramatic fashion only to brush themselves off and get right back at it for the next event.

That Albertan spirit of resilience and freedom also no doubt factored into the Coutts blockade, wherein truckers shut down the border crossing into Montana in protest of overbearing COVID-19 mandates. This incident transformed the small border town into the center of attention for the nation and indeed much of the world for a short while. When the blockade came to an end, most people got out of Coutts just about as fast as they had rolled in, but for those who call Coutts home the toughness and perseverance that bore a rebellion lives on.

When I heard that the annual rodeo in Coutts was coming up, I knew I had to be there. The locals supported the truckers throughout their entire ordeal and the town was a centrepiece of the story. I wanted to ask them how they felt about the historic events that had transpired now that a little time had passed and how much they believe the rodeo-tough mentality of cowboys, truckers and their supporters factored into the blockade. We also wanted to showcase some incredible riding by some tough as nails cowboys while we were at it.

You’ve no doubt heard the mainstream media lies about what happened down in Coutts. Now see the truth for yourself with unrivaled inside perspective by catching a screening of Trucker Rebellion: The Story of the Coutts Blockade in a town near you. Go to for show times.

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