CyberShack TV S28:Ep3 Arlo Go 2 LTE

The Arlo Go 2 LTE is a premium 1080p, 4G LTE security camera for areas that Wi-Fi cannot reach. Add to that two-way talk; a siren; cloud and MicroSD recording; Arlo’s privacy commitment, and it is the best in its class.

Arlo Go 2 LTE

The new Arlo Go 2 LTE (Website here) is based on the premium Ultra and Pro series camera. It has an IP65 rating, a strong 4G radio as well as Wi-Fi connectivity.

It records at up to 1080p (to use 4G bandwidth sparingly) in color both day and night.

Use it for

  • Home or office where Wi-Fi cannot reach – sheds, gardens, gates, access points
  • Gray nomads and campers to watch over their van/rig/camp
  • Vacation homes where Wi-Fi may not always be available
  • Building sites for security and monitoring entry
  • Pop up shops, food trucks and more where good Wi-Fi is not available
  • Boat owners (it is IP65, so be thoughtful about saltwater exposure)

it works with any Teclo 4G data plan and has and GPS location tracking feature.

We’ve got a full review – read more here. we also review the companion solar panel for true portability.

we added the $119 Arlo solar panel (VMA5600) with the magnetic cable for Ultra/2, Pro2/3/4 and Go 2.

This is one of the few solar panels that really works – many brands have far lower DC efficiency (<2.5W) and won't handle extended rainy or cloudy days.


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