Galax RTX 3060 Chinese Cabbage Dog edition

This new graphucis card is based on one of the characters from “PonkichiM’s” Vegetables Fairy concept, which envisioned animals as foods and vegetables.

Each animal is based on a particular meal and has its own personality and abilities. The Chinese Cabbage Dog, whose major ability is being cute, captured the hearts of GALAX engineers. GALAX, DODOWO, and BEMOE have joined forces to create a new special edition graphics card for fans of the “Vegetables Fairy” characters.

PonkichiM’s Cabbage Dog edition
The card is built around the RTX 3060 graphics card, which is based on the upgraded Lite Hash Rate variant with the GA106-302 GPU. The card has a one-of-a-kind custom PCB and shroud design. This model is essentially a sub-variant of the RTX 3060 Boomstar OC graphics card, which has been substantially customized with a boost frequency of up to 1837 MHz and dual 8-pin power connectors. Furthermore, this card is one of the few that includes an optional GA104-150 GPU (currently only available on Chinese market).

A huge mouse pad, an acrylic phone holder, and a 5 cm large dice representing Cabbage Dog’s favorite hobbies, such as devouring a fish, are included in the whole box. This card will cost 3099 RMB (461 USD) and is presently on preorder at Bilibili Mall.

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