Intel Arc A380 desktop GPU reviews should go live tomorrow

Intel A380 reviews tomorrow

According to hardware leaker @momomo_us, Intel should be lifting the embargo on Arc A380 reviews tomorrow.

This graphics card from Intel is the first Arc Alchemist GPU for desktops launching exclusively in China. While the official launch is focusing on pre-built systems, it seems that the vast majority of tech reviewers will be testing GUNNING Arc A380 Photon custom model. Exactly this model has been taken for a photo session by MyDrivers, who even took the card apart.

GUNNIR Arc A380 Photon graphics card, Source: MyDrivers

Momomo claims that first reviews of desktop Arc GPUs should be posted tomorrow. Since we have not seen any leaked benchmarks from this card specifically, one must assume that Intel has indeed set an embargo on this type of content.

Officially the A380 should perform just about the same as Radeon RX 6400, which is AMD’s slowest RDNA2 desktop graphics card on the market. Intel is yet to declare how much will this card cost in other regions, because as of now it only has an MSRP in China at 1030 CNY (~150 USD).

GUNNIR Arc A380 Photon graphics card, Source: MyDrivers

In terms of specs, the A380 is an entry-level model with ACM-G11 GPU. It offers all 8 Xe-Cores (1024 FP32 cores) and 6GB GDDR6 memory clocked at 15.5 Gbps. The GUNNIR card is factory-overclocked, but the company is only providing information on a boost clock of 2450 MHz, while Intel never declared one (they only list a base clock of 2000 MHz). Furthermore, Photon custom model has increased TDP from 75W to 92W, which is why the card is equipped with external power connector.

Intel Desktop ARC Alchemist Series Specifications Bow A770 Bow A750 Bow A580 Bow A380 Bow A310
Xe Cores
FP32 Cores
Memory Size
Memory Bus
Memory Speed TBC TBC TBC TBC
bandwidth TBC TBC TBC TBC
MSRP TBC TBC TBC ¥1030 (~$153) TBC

Source: @momomo_usMyDrivers

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