Kosinski Stays Practical With “Formula One”

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“Top Gun: Maverick” and “Spiderhead” director Joseph Kosinski is next moving on to a racing film starring Brad Pitt which is currently going by the name “Formula One”.

Kosinski will be joined by Pitt and Jerry Bruckheimer as producers, world-champion racer Lewis Hamilton as a consultant, Ehren Kruger handling the script and a story that sees a veteran driver in retirement (Pitt) return to train a young and promising newcomer.

With ‘Maverick’ being lauded for its practical filming techniques, Koskinski spoke with The Wrap and assures fans that this film will adopt a similar approach with strict in-camera effects to make viewers feel as if they are behind the wheel:

“It’s almost funny to me to see people who are so enamored with real photography. Young people haven’t seen a lot of it. They’re so used to CGI (computer-generated images) being a tool of big movies that when you shoot something for real, it feels innovative. That’s exactly the approach for “Formula One”… to shoot at the real races and real cars and capture it. It’s going to be a huge challenge but an exciting one for me.”

There is currently no release date or further casting news for “Formula One” which is expected to have a major theatrical release before landing on Apple TV+ exclusively.

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