Mass stabbing Auckland: Reports of several injured at Murrays Bay

Several people have been injured in what is understood to be a mass stabbing on Auckland’s North Shore.

Several people have been injured in what is understood to be a mass stabbing on Auckland’s North Shore — where a woman says she had to run screaming after a man chased her off the beach with a “big knife”.

The woman, who didn’t want to be identified, lives close to the beach and had stepped onto it to take her dog for a walk on their regular route when she noticed a man close to the water.

He turned around and began approaching her and the woman at first thought he “wanted to chat”.

“I was wearing headphones and went to take the headphones off to talk to him because that’s what I thought he wanted,” she told the NZ Herald.

However, there was something about the man that put the woman on edge, she said.

Then “he just started running at me”.

According to local media, a large kitchen knife has been found at the scene where multiple people were stabbed and witnesses say people were screaming and being stabbed at random in the incident this morning.

Issac Hong, an employee at CafeBayBay in Murrays Bay, told stuff there was a woman stabbed at the bus stop across the road from his cafe.

Hong said the alleged stabber then ran onto Murrays Bay beach, and attacked an “older Asian couple”.

Hong said he was told by witnesses in the area that the alleged stabber ran to Mairangi Bay, and was chased down by construction workers from a nearby worksite before police apprehended the alleged attacker.

Police confirmed people were injured in an incident at Murrays Bay but it was too early to say how they had been hurt — the NZ Herald reports.

A Mairangi Bay resident says he witnessed a man, who looked to be in his 20s, holding a 20-centimetre knife being walked down his street by five men who were guarding him while holding weapons.

The resident, who wanted to be identified only as Steve, said he was gardening outside his Montrose Terrace home when he saw the armed man being escorted down the road towards the waterfront.

The alleged offender appeared to be in some level of distress, Steve told the Herald.

The people surrounding the man didn’t appear to know each other, he said. As they progressed down the road, the group was telling members of the public to step aside and make way.

Two men struck the knife-wielding man – once in the leg and once in the head – which brought the man to the ground, Steve said.

“The man more or less lay down, I know he burst out in tears, you could hear him crying. I think the realization came in.”

Steve was full of praise for the group of men who had surrounded the alleged offender: “They were just so good, they should be commended.”

Another witness said three people had been stabbed, and that three ambulances and three police cars were at the scene.

“Emergency services are in attendance at an incident in Murrays Bay where a number of people are understood to have sustained injuries,” a police spokeswoman said. “At this early stage we are still working to confirm the exact number and nature of injuries.”

Police have taken a person into custody, who is assisting them with their inquiries.

Traffic is being diverted and police have asked people to avoid the area.

Police will hold a media briefing at 2.45pm local time today.

North Shore MP Simon Watts said he was aware there had been a “stabbing”.

“Multiple people have been injured, and my thoughts are with them and their families,” he said.

“Thank you to the police, ambulance and first responders for supporting our community today.”

East Coast Bays MP Eric Stanford said it was “extremely upsetting to hear about the tragic stabbing”.

“My heart goes out to all the victims and their families,” the National MP said.


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