New Jersey wife from UK shares her ‘stressful’ day in this viral TikTok

A British woman has given details of her new life after throwing off to America to become a housewife, revealing it’s not as glam as it appears.

A woman from the UK has revealed how she threw off to the US to become a stay-at-home wife after an online romance during the Covid pandemic.

The British woman puts her now-husband online, and their romance blossomed through pandemic lockdowns and restrictions. As soon as the travel ban was lifted, the pair were eager to meet face-to-face.

It wasn’t long before they were engaged and the Brit then left England to join her husband Stateside.

Now she lives in New Jersey and her life has changed drastically, The Sun reports.

In one TikTok video posted to her account, Monny Moves, she shared what a typical day looks like as a New Jersey housewife.

She starts the day by making espresso for her husband and herself, followed by a breakfast of chia seed pudding topped with fresh fruit.

After breakfast, it’s time to chill out from the hard work of being a housewife.

“And because being a housewife is obviously super stressful, I’m here by the pool drinking a flask of wine pretending I’m on vacation,” she joked.

After a busy morning of topping up her tan during New York’s summer months, the housewife gets herself glammed up for the rest of the day.

“I do my hair and makeup so my husband doesn’t come home to a dishevelled wife,” she said.

Then she sips more wine while she prepares dinner for when her husband gets home.

On the menu is pasta, but not just any old kind – it’s Dolce & Gabbana pasta, because, she said, “New Jersey housewives are super candle”.

The woman confirmed she got the designer pasta as a bridal gift.

Her video has since gone viral, raking up over 100,000 views – with the comments section inundated with women claiming she was living their dreams.

“You are literally living my dream,” one wrote.

“This is the dream,” another said.

“How does it feel to live my dream?” a third commented.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission


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