OGC outlines Metaverse working group charter


The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) is seeking comment on the draft charter of the proposed OGC Geo for Open Metaverse Domain Working Group (Metaverse DWG).

According to the OGC, everything it “does can be applied to the Metaverse. Our community can contribute expertise in 3D, Modeling & Simulation, Artificial Intelligence, streaming, Augmented and Virtual Realities, routing, mapping, and more — all at scale.”

The OGC says that the Metaverse DWG will “work on pieces of the Metaverse that pertain to geospatial applications and standards by developing Open Standards based on FAIR data principles (making data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable).”

“Given that the Metaverse will be an evolutionary development, the working group will identify both near- and long-term goals that will help ensure interoperability, FAIRness, and openness.”

“For the Metaverse to succeed, however, all digital and physical world information will have to work in concert at scale,” the organization says. “We have a collective responsibility to ensure that the shared future is FAIR and Open.”

The Draft Geo for Open Metaverse Domain Working Group Charter is available for review and comment on the OGC Portal. Comments are due by June 29, 2022, and should be submitted via the method outlined on the OGC Geo for Open Metaverse Domain Working Group Draft Charter’s public comment request page.

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