Supermarket Fresh and Save selling groceries for $2

A lesser-known supermarket has launched a promotion offering almost all of its groceries for just $2 as consumers struggle with inflation.

Bargain hunting shoppers have boasted about incredible grocery hauls collected from a lesser known retailer, where household staples are being sold for just a few dollars.

Food warehouse Fresh and Save in Hervey Bay, southern Queensland, has provided a stark contrast to the expensive, barren scenes captured recently inside Coles and Woolworths.

The retailer launched a “$2 week” on Monday, announcing shoppers could take home a range of produce including carrots, potatoes, onions, oranges, avocados, apples, tomatoes, grapes and lemons for just two gold coins.

Frozen vegetables, snack food, canned items, cleaning products, fizzy drink, custard tarts, chicken drumsticks and barbecue sausages were also only $2.

Customers have described the promotion “unbelievable” particularly given household budgets were currently being spread particularly thin.

“So impressed with Fresh & Save Hervey Bay! $2.00 week, so many good products on offer, their fresh produce is lovely (not stored on ice which I hate),” one enthusiastic fan wrote to Facebook.

“The meat is fresh, the porterhouse slabs are a steal, $20 which we cut 7 thick pieces from, hot chooks only $8.99. Their bakery is great, the fresh made bread $1.29 a loaf and the pull aparts and focaccias are yummy,” she wrote.

Someone said else they cut their grocery bill majorly by shopping there.

“Did our first big shop there on Monday and we saved so much,” they wrote.

“The bread is great, and the prices are cheaper then the other stores,” another said.

“Absolutely their great and best value! Today we bought the Four for $2.00 spray hand sanitiser’s a real bargain! So many other cost saving deals too,” someone else wrote.

The retailer runs its $2 week every few months among other promotions including a 99 cent week, meat week and $5 week, grocery manager and assistant store manager Ben Doherty said.

“It’s been pumping all week,” Mr Doherty told

The deal most popular among eager shoppers was one offering two 1.25L Kirks soft drink bottles for $2.

Fresh and Save operates seven stores across Queensland, with shelves stacked in a way similar to Costco and Aldi, which the brand’s website says keeps its prices low.

The chain also has a mascot, a cartoon duck named Bill Small who is “not a fan of big grocery bills”.

Since opening last year, Fresh and Save ran promotions such as $2 week “to show that it’s good value for money and they can compete with the bigger supermarkets”, Mr Doherty said.

“Any time you’re able to undercut the large supermarkets or offer better quality product, you’re essentially helping the consumer.”

The retailer aims to be between three and five per cent cheaper than the big supermarkets, and “well and truly cheaper” across lines of fresh produce.

Mr Doherty said the store was far from immune to supply issues that had affected other retailers, however had been able to sustain efficiently low prices.

“We’re able to use a lot of local suppliers, so we were able to get our hands on some lettuce last week that walked out the door pretty quick,” he said.

“There still is a bit of a pinch, but at the end of the day we’re still able to get better value products than the big supermarkets because we’re dealing directly with the suppliers.”


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