This Solar-Powered Lunchbox Can Charge Your Phone, Keep Ice Cream Frozen and Track Your Calories

There are a lot of weird and wonderful tech-enabled gadgets that come across our desks at Gizmodo Australia. Today, that is a solar-powered lunchbox from SunnySide.

SunnySide bills itself as the world’s first solar-powered smart lunchbox that will keep your food chilled or heated on-the-go.

So how exactly does it do that?

SunnySide said the lunchbox has built-in direct induction technology, as well as a cooling element, three fans and a thick layer of insulation. SunnySide reckons this ensures both portable self-heating and self-cooling. SunnySide is made of 45 per cent recycled ABS plastic (outside) and BA aluminum (inside).

SunnySide also comes with a built-in solar panel and a 10,000 mAh power bank. Which you can also charge your phone from.

Additionally, SunnySide has its own app, which allows you to control the internal temperature of the lunchbox, track your calories, recommend recipes and alert you if you are running low on power.

All the things we didn’t know we needed (although I’m not 100 per cent convinced I need to be called out for over-eating by a lunchbox).

“You can enjoy hot food just in seconds, as well as keep your food fresh for up to 20 hours through temperature control via the sensor screen or the app,” the company claims.

Writing specs of a lunchbox isn’t something we often do at Gizmodo Australia, so I assume you all want to know it also has dividers to keep food separate and comes in a pastel color design. It’s dishwasher safe, too. It measures 230mm x 117mm x 86mm and without food, weighs 680g.

SunnySide launched on Kickstarter on June 15th and was 100 per cent funded in less than one hour. So far, they’ve had $115,034 pledged, with its $14,508 goal well and truly smashed. It’s available starting at $69 (usually $125 RRP).

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