Viral tweet suggests you may not be using juice straws correctly

A viral tweet has divided the internet about how to drink juice from a carton with a straw correctly. Which side are you on?

It’s the last straw—for some.

A viral tweet has sparked a debate on whether we’ve all spent years using juice box straws incorrectly.

User @HLUBI posted a picture of the bendy part of the straw going inside the box and sitting at the bottom instead of outside, the New York Post reported.

The photo was captioned, “My whole life has been a lie.”

The goal of flipping the straw is to give it the mobility to get every last drop of juice, especially from the box’s hard to reach places like the corners.

The tweet currently has just under 500,000 likes and almost 100,000 retweets.

Despite being claimed as “the correct way,” not everyone agrees.

One person commented, “The bottom is sharp in order to pierce through the seal of the juice box, and the top middle part has a grid design to ensure the straw does not fall into the box easily so that theory is a lie.”

However, some people were still convinced that even with one end of the straw being sharp, it still can’t always reach the bottom of the juice box. “Doesn’t mean it’s supposed to get into the bottom of the box,” someone commented.

There are also those people who couldn’t care less about what method someone is using to drink from a juice box. As one person tweeted, “[The] fact that people are actually taking this seriously…” followed by three laugh emojis.

This story originally appeared on the New York Post and has been reproduced with permission.


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